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Director of the Pottsgrove Recreation Board

Position: Director of the Pottsgrove Recreation Board

Part-time, year round, paid monthly

Job Description


The Director must possess excellent communication, organizational, management skills and be able to obtain the state mandated clearances required by law to work with school age children. The function of the director is to implement, maintain and supervise recreational programs. The director shall entertain and present activities as suggested by the community to the PRB so that they may be perceived or not as recreational programs.

The director is responsible for scheduling, staffing, advertising, supervising and maintaining those programs. The director is responsible for insurance, payroll, bills, the collection of fees, maintaining records and a yearly budget that needs the approval of the PRB, the three townships and the school board.

The director, in effect, is responsible to the PRB for the administration of any function involving the recreation board. The director is to hold monthly meetings with the PRB for the purpose of informing the PRB with a written director’s report, receiving feedback as well as direction from the PRB and dealing with financial matters.


Director's Responsibilities:

  • Conduct monthly meeting with the PRB. Fill out any necessary paperwork to secure meeting space.
  • Send notice of meetings to board members.
  • Conduct meeting with officers. 
  • Make sure the three townships and the school board are represented.
  • Prepare director's report – Pertinent information given in writing. Copies for each member. 
  • Prepare payroll, deposits and bills to be paid/submit a week in advance to the School District Business Office.
  • Pick up checks, financial report and orders for payment. 
  • Take notes for minutes.
  • Get checks signed, if meeting is canceled, make arrangements as soon as possible to be signed.
  • Send signed checks the next day.
  • Return signed minutes, etc. and tax checks to the School District Business Office. Usually the next day.
  • File report for reference and with original (copy of) payroll, bill payment requests and bank deposits. 
  • Prepare budget with salaries.
  • Find a site for any new programs – school district applications, YMCA, townships.
  • Set program fee.
  • Set Schedule of programs.
  • Hire or terminate staff, set salary, run background checks and state mandated clearances.
  • Fill out necessary paperwork to secure building space to run programs.
  • Collect Fees.
  • Deposit cash and checks as needed.
  • Schedule bus transportation when necessary for programs.
  • Provide equipment that is needed to maintain programs.
  • Supervise.
  • Adjust and make notifications for change in programs due to storms, school calendar, schedule changes, substitutes.
  • Maintain all policies and procedures.
  • Collect contributions from the school board and the three townships.
  • Maintain an office for phone and mail contacts and records. 
  • Prepare the “Information to Residents” brochure for distribution with the tax envelope to all property owners in the three districts.
  • Maintain the website.
  • Maintain liability insurance and workman's compensation.
  • Advertise programs.

The keys to success are Communication, Organization and an Excellent Staff.

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