Additional Information


The Pottsgrove Recreation Board is the central recreational organization of the Pottsgroves. The Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month. Its purpose is to provide recreational activities for the residents of the various Pottsgrove communities. Funding is provided by the three townships and the school district. 

The Recreation Board is composed of an elected official and a citizen representative from each of the governing bodies.

They are:

Mike McGroarty -------------Lower Pottsgrove Commissioner

Patty Bleakly----------Lower Citizen Representative

Renee Spaide----------Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner

Michelle Thompson-------Upper Citizen Representative

Patti Grimm----------School Board Representative

Diane Cherico---------School Board Citizen Representative

Charles Valentine------------West Pottsgrove Commissioner

Brad Mayberry-------------------West Citizen Representative

Jill Ludy- Director of Recreation